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We were appointed to carry out a drone inspection of a property in St Albans. The loft was converted and the condition of the roof could not be seen from ground level. Using the drone we were able to fully assess the condition of the roof noting several areas which required immediate attention including a gap in the slates. In using the drone we were able to identify the problems promptly and avoid potentially costly and extensive damage to the property down the line.

‘I recently hired Verulam Chartered Surveyors for a drone survey of my property, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. During the survey, they discovered a previously unnoticed hole in my roof, a problem I was completely unaware of.’

"Verulam Chartered Surveyors provided an exceptional Level 3 Building Survey for my 5-bed house purchase in Hatfield Heath. The thoroughness of their surveyor and the detailed report were truly impressive. Thanks to their clear recommendations, I was able to address minor issues and negotiate effectively

with the seller"


Verulam Chartered Surveyors were appointed to conduct a Level 3 Building Survey on a charming 5-bedroom house in Hatfield Heath. The property was significantly extended and combined period architectural details with modern amenities and enjoyed scenic views of the countryside. We discussed the survey with the client before the inspection to understand any concerns our client has with the property and specific issues. Our client was also planning further improvements which we were happy to comment on. Following the inspection, we called our client to discuss our findings and to give our client peace of mind that there were no significant issues. We were also happy go run through the report once it was issued.



Verulam Chartered Surveyors was approached by a property owner in Hackney who owned a beautiful Grade 2 listed building. The owner sought to replace the aging windows on the property to improve energy efficiency, security, and overall aesthetics. However, due to the listed status of the building, obtaining planning permission was a complex process.

Listed buildings are protected by law to preserve their historical and architectural significance. Changing windows on such a property requires a delicate balance between modernisation and preservation of heritage.

Verulam Chartered Surveyors took a comprehensive approach to secure planning permission for window replacement while respecting the building's heritage:

Detailed Assessment: We conducted a thorough evaluation of the existing windows, considering their historical significance and condition.

Heritage-sensitive Design: Our team worked closely with architects to design replacement windows that mirrored the original aesthetic while integrating modern energy-efficient materials.

Heritage Impact Assessment: We prepared a Heritage Impact Assessment, outlining how the proposed window replacement would impact the historical value of the building.

Consultation and Collaboration: We engaged in open dialogue with local heritage authorities and the client to ensure that all parties were aligned on the project's goals.

Verulam Chartered Surveyors successfully obtained planning permission for the replacement of windows on the Grade 2 listed building. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the newly installed windows seamlessly integrated with the building's historic character.

Our client was very satisfied with the outcome, as the building not only retained its historical charm but also became more energy-efficient and secure. The successful planning permission and window replacement not only enhanced the property's value but also contributed to its preservation.

The client was pleased with the thoroughness of our survey and the comprehensive report we provided. With this information, they were able to make informed decisions regarding the property acquisition. Additionally, our recommendations for updates and improvements helped them plan for the future renovation and expansion of the commercial premises.


Our client, a prominent local business owner, was in the process of acquiring a commercial property in the city of St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The client recognised the importance of a thorough survey to assess the condition of the property before completing the purchase. They approached Verulam Chartered Surveyors for our expertise in commercial property surveys.

The subject property was a modern commercial premises located in the North of St. Albans. It featured two floors of office space, and the client had ambitious plans for its renovation and expansion.

Verulam Chartered Surveyors conducted a detailed and customised survey tailored to the client's specific needs. Our survey encompassed several key areas:

Structural Condition: We assessed the structural integrity of the building, looking for signs of subsidence, structural damage, or any potential issues.

Condition of Services: Our survey included an examination of electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to identify any concerns.

Accessibility and Compliance: We ensured that the property met all relevant accessibility and compliance regulations, especially for commercial premises.

Dilapidations and Maintenance Issues: We identified any dilapidations or maintenance issues that might require attention, helping the client plan for future maintenance and repairs.

Environmental Considerations: We considered environmental factors, including energy efficiency and sustainability, providing recommendations for improvements.

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