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Are Drones Just A Nuisance?

With drones appearing more frequently in the news in a negative way, we look at how useful they can be when used responsibly.

Drones have been getting a lot of bad press in the news lately, having caused days of frustration for travellers from Heathrow and Gatwick over the Christmas period. However their use in many industries is set to increase as drones become more sophisticated and available. Many believe it won’t be long before tasks such as package deliveries are carried out by drones.

Currently to fly a drone commercially, the operator needs to gain a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) from the CAA. This involves a thorough theory assessment and practical flight test undertaken at an approved National Qualified Entity (NQE). Once qualified the operator has the knowledge to fly responsibly and safely.

We at Verulam Chartered Surveyors are keen to explore the use of drones in the surveying and construction industry and consider how this can benefit our clients. Our drone operators are MRICS qualified and have a thorough understanding of building defects and inspection techniques.

Our main use of drones is for high level surveys, particularly roof, steeple and tower inspections. The roof of a property is usually only inspected from ground level using binoculars or from a scaffold which is not only expensive but takes time to install. A drone inspection can be undertaken in 30 minutes and provides a 4k video of the entire roof surface. Drones are also particularly useful with churches and towers which cannot afford to be obscured by scaffold for long periods of time and must remain open. Drones can be used to assess the current condition of high level elements so a the client can make an informed decision as to the maintenance and repair of their properties.

An additional service we offer clients is a progress inspection of construction sites. Often when construction projects are underway it can be easy to miss the ‘big picture’. Having a record of the entire site from above can assist with site progress reports as well as spot Health and Safety issues which may not be so obvious from the ground.

Finally a further service we offer is aerial photography, we are able to capture images and videos of most properties or events which can be used for promotional materials.

We are keen to show that drones have a very useful purpose within the property and construction industry so if you have any queries or would like a quote for any of our services please get in touch.

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